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First Day & Swan Lake & Sheguang Hu

The 2018 Beijing Fashion Week debuted at the branch venue officially kicked off!With the theme of oriental elements, this event opened a show in Wangfujing, aiming to help the inheritance and innovation of national quintessence culture.Fashion designer Hu Sheguang's costumes with the theme of "Junior Day & Hu Sheguang-Oriental Ballet" surprised the audience.


【Fashion and cultural integration】

The beauty of art comes from both innovation and the integration of classics.With oriental elements as the overall tone, Chinese traditional culture and Chinese national spirit run through the show.

And on this basis, the fashion elements are cleverly integrated, so that culture and fashion blend together.

In this design, Hu Sheguang chose white wedding dresses as the main presentation method, breaking the traditional artistic style.

The choice of models and soundtracks combines fashion, culture, Chinese and Western elements in a multi-dimensional innovation.

【Integration of East and West】

Oriental refers to Chinese national elements and traditional culture. Swan Lake represents the classic western art ballet.

Hu Sheguang hopes to take the oriental elements such as national culture and traditional culture as the starting point, and integrate the two ingeniously through the substitution of Western clothing, and carry out the rendering and sublimation of Eastern culture on the basis of Western clothing style, so as to achieve the use of the combination of Chinese and Western styles to promote Chinese culture conceives oriental elements invisible.

【Trend and Classic fusion】

The biggest surprise of "Oriental Ballet" is the appearance of graffiti wedding dresses, which are sprayed with various colors.Sheguang himself explained that the inspiration for spraying graffiti on wedding dresses came from Peking Opera.

What he did is to integrate the elements of rock, street dance, fashion, ballet, and Chinese culture through graffiti.Using graffiti culture to show Chinese elements with Peking Opera as the theme, and use this as a way of expressing their relationship and spirit.

This "Oriental Ballet" is a big show dominated by child models. Hu Sheguang aims to use graffiti, rock, street dance and other elements that fit the tonality of young people to spread oriental elements.Let the children accept Chinese culture.

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